What the critics are saying . . .

”Simmons is very good indeed with a phenomenal voice. . .   there is an affable charm about the guy that just doesn’t quit & has the enthusiastic approach of a teenager who dares to be different

and never fears the consequences.”
“Simmons and Puccia have worked together ardently for several years creating the kind of pop/rock tunes that are contemporary yet melodic enough to pull in even the most traditional folks. . . . these originals  are created and performed with a love, passion and sincerity that is characteristic of all good songwriting.”
“I’m am admirer of real talent, and I will not miss Kurtis Simmons wherever he performs. I suggest you keep an eye out for this winner with a sterling set of pipes!”

- Broadwayworld
Fraction of a Thread
is chock-full of pristine production & flawless performances.”

“He’s got a crystal clear voice and a great gift for melody.”

“Collecting Corks” and “Did You Know” are instantly memorable...

“Like Me” is incredibly catchy and earnest.”

“An uncanny medley of Aimee Mann’s “Wise Up” and Neil Young’s “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” is inspired and an album highlight.”

Frontiers Magazine


“Every once in a while an original pop album comes along that grabs you at the very top and just won’t let go.  Such is the case with Fraction of a Thread by Kurtis Simmons”

“Each new song is unpredictable in its style and rhythms.  What a nice surprise!”
“Simmons has a genuinely mellow, fragile voice with quite a range.”

“an unusual blend of contemporary pop, soft rock, a little country, a little R&B in its storytelling of trying to make sense of love”

“Bout Time I Wrote A Song” shows his ability as a pop composer at its very best.”

- Don Grigware

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